We're faced with an opportunity. 

We belong to a nature that once ran wild. Though we’ve paved over prairies and re–routed rivers, it's all still there, right under our feet. Yet time marches on. Those prairies and rivers are the landscape that was. Today, amidst lot lines and city blocks, between driveways and sidewalks, is the landscape that we inherit, the landscape that is. This landscape is living earth, it's our living earth. It might be 40 feet wide and 120 feet long or it might be acres across — but it’s ours to shape into the landscape that will be

The soil under your feet holds a history and it holds a future. Today we stand in the now that connects them. What will we make of it? What will we bring to be? This is our opportunity.

We can shape the soil to follow clean contours, we can plant it to pull cut flowers for your kitchen table, we can set the stones that hold al fresco dinners and magic summer–night moments. We can start the oak tree that will shade the next generation, we can craft an entry way that makes guests feel at home, we can light it up so the night comes alive. We can make it bloom, flow, climb, connect... we can use the earth that is to build the landscape you love. 

And here’s how:

By designing with inspiration and focus. We believe your landscape must complement, function, soothe, and sometimes surprise! At its best landscape design makes room for nature to do what nature does best — grow, thrive, and delight. Accordingly, we strive to create spaces where nature can thrive and people can feel alive!

By working together. What happens when you combine connective, capable, creative artisans, stir in in a culture of openness and support, and shake vigorously with 100–proof work ethic? You get a motivated team of strong backs, capable hands, and keen eyes that work together to make sure your project is built from the healthiest plants at the nursery, the coolest stone at the brickyard, and the truest lumber from the mill. More importantly, you get to see a lot of smiles and hear a lot of laughter throughout the workday.

By making craft crucial. Through the alchemy of well–joined carpentry, thoughtfully–laid stone, and lovingly–planted perennials we can create meaningful, emotionally connective spaces that make us happy. We keep at it until everything lines up, flows together, and fits. Because we’re not going to be happy until you’re happy (and we want to be happy!).

By valuing communication. Everything is better with clarity. Just like a garden needs tending to keep the weeds out and the flowers blooming, we tend to communication between clients, designers, project managers, and crew so that everyone can feel the sunshine of a healthy and focused project process. From initial contact to final walk through we strive to be available, thorough, and collaborative.

Ready to get started?