Let's Fall in

(Landscape) Love


The Digits

Your pickup line worked...
you got our number!

Drop an email to hello@landscapelovegardens.com and tell us a bit about your yard, your goals, and your sign (FYI, we don’t work with Capricorns). Send us some before pics! If it seems like we are a good fit for each other one of our awesome, inspired designers will set up an initial meeting to check out your project and get the process rolling.



The First Date

Your place or ours?

At the initial meeting we will walk your site together and discuss vision, aesthetic, priorities, and budget. We'll start getting REALLY EXCITED about all the ways you are going to love your new landscape (sorry, we had a cappuccino on the way over...). We'll explore options and discuss touchstone elements so we can develop a working concept for your new landscape. From there we'll talk through project scope and design fees. Our design fees are based on the size of the lot, project elements, and complexity of the site.




Things are going great!
Let's plan our future together!

Armed with your priorities and fueled by our experience and creativity we will get busy on a design that aims to complement, balance, function, and soothe. Our designs typically take 4–6 weeks to complete. Once we're ready, we'll present our design at LL HQ. We'll walk through the plan together, check out samples of proposed materials, and present a line–item budget for the project as proposed. From there we move your project to the build phase or work collaboratively to make adjustments based on your feedback.



Wedding Bells

After all the planning
the big day is finally here!

Once your design is dialed in we schedule it for build. We'll set up a pre–project walk through before we break ground so you, your designer, and your project manager will be on the same page and any pre–build questions or concerns can be addressed. Next, our install team will arrive fresh-faced and ready to bring the love. After your project is complete we'll do a final champagne walk-through and cover approaches for taking care of your sweet new space!